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Lots of web devs out there offer a wide array of services, and I'm no exception, but here's an idea of some of the stuff I do on  a regular basis:

Web Mechanic Work

You take your car to the mechanic to get it fixed when it's busted, you take your website to me when it's not doing what you want. Maybe another mechanic gave you the runaround, maybe you just don't want to do it yourself. Doesn't really matter why, you just want it fixed, and that's what I do. PHP script stopped working? Need to add some stuff to your Database? Wan't a fancy new Javascript animation? Or maybe you've got an off the wall idea and you don't know where to start? Shoot me an email, chances are I've got an idea how to fix your problem and if I don't maybe I can point you in the right direction.


If you think you don't need a mobile optimized site these days, you're wrong. You can't deny the fact that more people are using their phones and tablets to cruise the web. Make sure your site is ready and able to operate on these devices so your customers don't pass you by.


Everyone wants to be able to edit their content without knowing HTML these days. I don't blame you, you aren't interested in spending the time learning to code, but developers aren't cheap, so you want a CMS (Content Management System) so you can take the content into your own hands. Good choice, ton's of options out there. I prefer to work with two of the biggest ones: Wordpress and Drupal. Yeah, there's a lot more of them out there, but those are my favorite. Want a slick custom theme for your site? No Prob. Need some custom plugin/module work? I do that too.


Yep, I do it, and I do it right.  Accept credit cards through one of the major payment gateways, or maybe you just want to set up a simple page with PayPal or GoogleCheckout. Need a sweet cart app? I do Magento and Ubercart. Whatever your level of complexity I can take care of it for you, let me worry about things like security, SSL certs, PCI certification, Shipping/Payment APIs, and more.

HTML Email Templates

If you've ever tried developing HTML for email you know that email clients don't really play nice with modern html code. It takes a special set of know-how to reach back to the HTML days of yesteryear and build a rock solid HTML template that looks right on all the major clients. Table layouts, cementing columns, font attribute declarations are the tricks of the trade.


Getting a website up and running requires a server for it to live on and chances are you don't want to spend your time provisioning one. There's plenty of inexpensive budget hosts out there but you absolutely get what you pay for. Most shared hosts put severe limitations on what resources and programs your site has access to resulting in decreased performance and limitations on future scalability. When you're ready to move beyond the confines of shared hosting and need something that will allow your site to grow with you let me know and I'll set you up with a sweet hosting package that keeps you in control and your site running smoothly.

Server Admin

I believe part of being a good developer is understanding the ENTIRE process of getting webpages served. As such I've got a rather extensive background in administering and configuring Linux servers to serve things up nicely. Yeah, I do Windows too, but the bulk of sites out there are served up on Linux so that's where I spend most of my time. If you need someone that knows DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP, Courier, Exim, Apache, Nginx, CGI, PAM, daemons, sockets, shell scripts, permissioning, and all that other fun server admin stuff I'm your guy. I also work with Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, and ISPConfig if you've already got something going and you need some help configuring it.


What I don't do...


Graphic Design

I'm a code monkey first which doesn't mean I don't appreciate good design, but I leave that to the professionals, and I work with a lot of them. If you need a great designer I'm happy to refer you to someone. I'd rather you be able to work directly with the designer than get caught in a game of telephone trying to translate what "Make it look more edgy" really means. When your design is ready to build, that's my time to shine. All the designers I work with know how to get me what I need as quickly and efficiently as possible in a format that's ready to code. That keeps your lines of communication up and your costs down.


Everything I quote, I build. Sadly, I have trust issues, and I don't trust anyone else to do it the way you need it done. It might not be the most profitable way to run, but I don't like to get the runaround and neither do you. If my workload is too high I'd rather turn down more work than risk delivering a poorer product to all my existing clients.


One of the things I think sets me apart from other developers out there is my ability to both code AND communicate. If I say I'm going to have something for you at a given time, I do. Period. Yes, snags can happen along the way, but when they do I let you know right away so you can make informed decisions and we can come up with acceptable solutions together. If you need something and I can't do it, I'll tell you I can't do it. Sounds like a "duh" but you'd be surprised how many developers out there don't operate like this.